Faculty Ombudsperson

The University of Memphis Faculty Ombudsperson is an independent, confidential, impartial (neutral), and informal resource, chosen from the UM faculty, who is available to all members of the University faculty, including all tenured, tenure-track, clinical, research, and one-year instructors, to facilitate dispute resolution through cooperation, consensus, education and mediation.

The major function of the Ombudsperson is to provide confidential and informal assistance to faculty of the institution. Serving as an independent, impartial neutral, the Ombudsperson is neither an advocate, attorney, or officer of formal notice, for any individual nor the University, but rather, serves as an advocate for fairness, equity, and compliance with policies and due process. The Ombudsperson acts as a source of information and referral, aids in answering questions, and assists in the resolution of concerns and critical situations. More specifically, the Ombudsperson engenders awareness and skill development in the areas of conflict resolution, communication, team building and civility.

Ombudsperson's activities assist the faculty to resolve complaints that have not risen to the level of formal grievances, with the goal of promoting alternatives to adversarial processes. The office supplements, but does not replace, the university's existing resources for conflict resolution. Staff and student conflicts should be directed to the Department of Human Resources and Student Academic Success respectively.

The Ombudsperson maintains collaborative relationships with other University offices (e.g., Academic Affairs, Human Resources, Affirmative Action, Student Affairs) in the conduct of her/his functions.

Gloria F. Carr
Faculty Ombudsperson
Cell: (901) 283-0532
Email: gcarr@memphis.edu

Ombudsperson Role & Responsibilities