Videos by UofM instructors

Here are some videos shared by our faculty and graduate assistants explaining their favorite festival from their native culture or culture from the language they teach.
These short videos, including full transcripts, are both a way to share some of our cultural experiences with students, as well as a possible resource for high school teachers to use in their classes and to promote the Fair. At the end of each video, there is also information about how students can learn your language at the UofM.  

Chinese: Spring Festival 

Lan Zhang, Associate Professor of Chinese



French: Fête de la musique 

Melanie Conroy, Associate Professor of French



French: La Galette des rois

Denis Grélé, Professor of French



French: La Guiannee

Will Thompson, Department Chair and Associate Professor of French



German: Das Biberacher Schützenfest

Robert Keltz, Associate Professor of German



Italian: il Palio del Niballo

Cosetta Gaudenzi, Associate Professor of Italian



Japanese New Year

Maika Yamaoka, Japan Outreach Initiative Program Coordinator



Latin: Saturnalia

Rita Pasqui, Instructor of Classics and Italian



Portuguese: Festa Junina

Lais Vas, Graduate Student of Romance Languages



Spanish: La Tomatina

Souad Khanoussi, Visiting Spanish Lecturer of Spanish



Spanish: Las Posadas

José Magaña, Instructor of Spanish



Spanish: La Virgen del Valle 

Romar Rodríguez, Instructor of Spanish



Spanish: El Festival de Cosquín

Diana Ruggiero, Associate Professor of Spanish