Fogelman's Strategic Objectives

Approved May 22, 2020


The Fogelman College of Business and Economics (FCBE) empowers a diverse student body by providing world-class business educational experiences and contributes to the economic vitality and global competitiveness of Memphis and Mid-South region through our research, teaching, and outreach.


To develop a diverse community of career-ready students into ethical critical thinkers, problem solvers, and successful future leaders. To elevate the profile of FCBE as a business thought leader by creating and disseminating knowledge. To promote intellectual, economic, and social well-being of the communities we serve through engaged scholarship.


Be a world-class research university through a faculty-enterprise approach to innovation and impact. Human capital is the essential element to success—and engaged faculty are the anchor for enterprises that interconnect students, staff, and community to create and disseminate knowledge. Faculty enterprises integrate academic programs, research centers/labs, sponsored/grant-based scholarship, and community engagement. Investment in faculty enterprises will yield the greatest return for all university stakeholders.


The primary values that drive the objectives of the Fogelman College of Business and Economics (FCBE) are:

  • Student Success
  • Impactful Research
  • Community Engagement
  • Accelerated Equity
  • Agile Innovation
  • Transparent Accountability


  • Objective 1 (Students): Transform students' social mobility through business education
  • Objective 2 (Research): Engage in high levels of globally recognized and impactful research activity
  • Objective 3 (Engagement): Be a value-added, essential partner to the university and external communities
  • Objective 4 (Equity): Empower all stakeholders to bring their authentic selves to acquire, create, and share knowledge
  • Objective 5 (Innovation): Deliver a transformative business education experience through agile innovation
  • Objective 6 (Accountability): Employ a process for achieving objectives that values transparency and accountability