About the Fogelman College of Business & Economics


AACSB Accredited (logo)Accredited

Fogelman College of Business & Economics (FCBE) is accredited by the AACSB – the gold standard in business schools achievement, an honor earned by less than 5% of business schools world-wide.


A Relevant Education

Memphis is home to several of the nation's leading companies, and Fogelman College takes maximum advantage of extending our classrooms into the metropolitan environment. Our students have ample opportunities to interact with the business community through real-world, relevant, and important projects and internships.

FCBE offers state-of-the-art facilities including a facsimile of a Wall Street trading firm, the Cook Analytics and Trading Lab. The Cook Lab is a cutting-edge technology and data center that provides the opportunity for students to experience pragmatic, hands-on learning in an academic environment. We're also home to the Customer NeuroInsights Research Lab (C-NRL), a behavioral research and teaching facility founded in 2013. C-NRL features a wide range of technologies and methods associated with consumer neuroscience, including EEG, eye tracking, automated facial expression recognition, GSR, pupilometry, heart rate and heart rate variability (HR/HRV) and implicit testing.

By combining the wealth of real-world experience available at the FCBE and in Memphis with a philosophy geared toward making students more marketable to employers, the result is a constant flow of exceptional graduates who can compete with the best and the brightest, not only in Memphis, but across the globe.

At FCBE, we also differentiate ourselves by providing a unique Complete Professional Program that holistically prepares students to achieve both personal and professional excellence. Through the Avron B. Fogelman Center for Professional Career Development, we provide training on ethics, healthy living habits, business etiquette, resume building, interview skills, professionalism, philanthropic activities and more.

FCBE Standards for Assurance of Learning / Assessment

The mission of the Fogelman College of Business & Economics is to develop a diverse community of students for ethical, effective, and responsible business leadership; create and disseminate knowledge for new business realities in the global economy; and advance the intellectual and economic vitality of the community, region and beyond.

Embedded in this mission is the need to ensure all of our degrees, programs, and certificates provide students with the appropriate knowledge and skills to be successful in their professional work beyond school. To help us meet these learning objectives with all of our students, the Fogelman College employs a rigorous and ongoing quality assurance and improvement process using AACSB's Assurance of Learning (AoL) framework. Explore aspects of our AoL process >