Blockchain series dec 2020 


The FedEx Institute of Technology plays a major role in bringing together people, knowledge and cutting-edge ideas from throughout the region and beyond. From innovation workshops to corporate training to conferences both local and global, the institute is helping our broader community engage with emerging technologies and profit from them. Check out all the upcoming events at the FIT below and find some of our select series and talks in the sidebar.






Artificial Intelligence | 901 AI

 The FedEx Institute of Technology is pleased to announce our Inaugural 901 AI series, a new meetup focused on artificial intelligence and its real-world applications is launching in Memphis. The kickoff meeting will provide an overview of artificial intelligence and machine learning and a glimpse into current AI projects in the Memphis area. Attendees will be able to network with others interested in AI and gain insight into how AI might impact businesses and the local community. See all upcoming 901 AI talks »



Join us for an engaging virtual series co-hosted by the FedEx Institute of Technology and Blockchain901, exploring the present and future of blockchain technology. Esteemed tech leaders from Microsoft, IBM, IEEE, ConsenSys Health, and others will share practical insights and offer perspectives on blockchain governance, platforms, tokenization, and beyond. See all upcoming Blockchain901 talks »


Distinguished Guest Speaker

In the upcoming series, distinguished guest speakers from around the country will present at the University of Memphis and will spotlight various research domains, including energy, defense, AgTech, and emerging innovations. Renowned industry experts in these fields will contribute their insights to the series. See all upcoming Distinguished Guest Speakers »


Technology Serving Humanity

The FedEx Institute of Technology at the University of Memphis is initiating a Technology Serving Humanity lecture series. This series delves into the profound societal impacts of rapid technological advancements, aiming to engage the community in understanding and influencing the forthcoming disruptions and changes from social, political, philosophical, and humanistic perspectives. See all upcoming Technology Serving Humanity talks »