Virtual Hackathon | Fighting It Together | This is your opportunity to come together (virtually) to identify, support, and bring innovative solutions to some of the most pressing challenges currently affecting us all.


Fighting It Together | Virtual Hackathon


Coming Together to Solve COVID-19 Challenges

The FedEx Institute of Technology offered several remote collaboration sessions from April 20-24 2020 as part of a virtual hackathon designed to honor social distancing, while also addressing these critical ongoing issues many of us are experiencing. Participants worked together in teams to identify needs and opportunities with the goal of developing and implementing solutions related to virtual learning, medical shortages, and navigating business operations in an ever-changing environment.

Three new platforms were created to address the challenges faced by displaced workers, overstrained charities, and the Digital Divide.

First Place

TECH-SHARE 901 helps the Family and Community Engagement office at Shelby County Schools provide their students the tech they need to keep learning. Douglass High School is the first school to partner with TECH-SHARE 901. Learn more here: TECH-SHARE 901

Second Place

Level-Up! Memphis upends the job-seeking experience by showcasing the experience, skills, and talents of displaced workers in the restaurant & hospitality industry.

Third Place

Good Deeds Virtual Marketplace will be opening soon to serve as a midsouth-focused one-stop-shop for connecting donors to charities and volunteers to the organizations in need.


Project Showcase | Fighting It Together Virtual Hackathon


Judging Criteria and Prizes


  • Is the project a unique idea, or a novel project approach?
  • Does the project have features that make it useful and creative?

Relates to Category

  • Does the project address the category or problem?
  • Does the goal of the project demonstrate the team has a good understanding of the issue?

Technical Difficulty

  • How technically difficult is the project's implementation?
  • Are the key features of the project implemented or prototyped?


  • Does the project work?
  • How effective is the demo in displaying the project's purpose and features?
  • Does the team explain how the project addresses or solves a problem/issue?

Overall Quality

  • Is the project easy to use?
  • Does the project achieve the goal of addressing a problem?

Prizes Include



Friday, April 17th 2020

  • 11:30 AM | Virtual Meet & Greet: Network with the other attendees, mentors, and organizers.

Monday, April 20th 2020

  • 11 AM | Fighting It Together Kickoff: The virtual hackathon officially starts! We'll kickoff with a quick round of introductions and meet your mentors.
  • 11:15 AM | Problem Pitches: Help address a challenge proposed by leaders in the midsouth, or bring your own challenges to tackle.
  • 11:45 AM | Meet Your Teammates: We've paired you with a diverse group of peers. Pick a problem, exchange contact information, and start hacking!
  • NOON | Lunch! Keep hacking, or work out collaboration sessions with your team in a way that fits with your schedule.
  • 1-2 PM Your Favorite Hobby Webpage with Melaati Jayah & Autumn Ragland: Learn what goes into every website.
  • 1-2 PM | Mobile App Development with Myiah Moore 
  • 3-4 PM | WordPress Crash Course with Danny Thompson: Learn how to quickly build a WordPress website.

Tuesday, April 21st 2020

  • 11 AM | Fighting It Together Stand-ups.
  • 1 PM | Mobile App Tools with Kareem Dasilva.

Wednesday, April 22st 2020

  • 11 AM | Fighting It Together Stand-ups.

Thursday, April 23rd 2020

  • 11 AM | Fighting It Together Stand-ups.

Friday, April 24th 2020

  • 11 AM | Fighting It Together Stand-ups.
  • 2 PM | Showcase: Show off your solutions!