Future Research Opportunities in New Technologies Investigated by Entrepreneurs, Researchers, & Students

Program Outline

The FedEx Institute of Technology will establish the FRONTIERS program to enable emerging technologies research engagement in alignment with FedEx goals and priorities.

Program Outcomes

  • Executed Deliverable defined by FedEx VP collaborator
  • Direct Engagement with Researchers at the cutting edge of applied innovation
  • Cultivation of Emerging Technologies Workforce Pipeline
  • Solving Challenges for FedEx in critical topic areas

Aligned Efforts

  • Programming focused on each topic will be developed by FIT staff to encourage community engagement around highlighted topics (hackathons, tech talks, etc)

Team Composition

  • 1-3 Faculty Members, 3-5 students, FedEx SMEs

Program Length:

  • December 30 – August 30

Diversity and Inclusion:

  • FRONTIERS is committed to building diverse teams of students


Programmatic Details

FedEx FRONTIERS will focus on emerging technologies in five major areas outlined in FedEx Investor Report (or other topics as requested):

  • Blockchain
  • Automation/Cybersecurity & Artificial Intelligence
  • Data-driven Decision Making & Analytics
  • E-Commerce & Analytics
  • Alternative Energy & Fleet Electrification

Deliverables will be in one of four main types, but may be modified on need:

  • White Paper(s)
  • Alpha Prototype (hardware or software)
  • Initial study or data analysis
  • Recommendations for best practices


Student teams will be interdisciplinary and respond comprehensively to needs of FedEx; and all students will be approved for up to 1 course of CEU. 
  • Company will have the opportunity to hire these students
Reporting requirements will be developed in conjunction with FedEx SMEs to ensure alignment with goals and outcomes identified by FedEx VPs
  • Faculty will be provided templates and guidelines for midterm, final, and any subsequent reports requested by FedEx

Faculty leads will be responsible for cultivating community around projects and participating in programming developed by FIT teams, in addition to executing work in alignment with the FedEx project as in SOW.



Contact: Rami Lotay