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Serve, learn and earn with the Peer Power Institute Tutoring program!

Peer Power Success Coaching

In partnership with the University of Memphis and Memphis-Shelby County Schools, the Peer Power Institute is looking to recruit high achieving college students to tutor high school students in the classroom for the 2022-2023 school year as Success Coaches. The Peer Power Institute currently employs 100 University of Memphis students and are the second largest employer on campus after the University itself.

Benefits of being a Peer Power Success Coach include:

  • Work and go to school with flexible scheduling
  • Receive a competitive wage 
  • Solidify foundational subject content mastery in English and Math
  • Develop career readiness and social-emotional skills
  • Build your resumé
  • Mentor younger students
  • Train alongside a diverse group of fellow students from a variety of areas of study
  • Receive support in your own academic and career journey

If you would like to discuss the program further, please feel free to email Marygrace Hemme and/or visit the Peer Power Institute location on campus on the second floor of Honors Hall, rooms 210 and 215 during normal business hours. You can also visit their webpage at https://www.memphis.edu/peerpower/

CAUTION: As a tutor or mentor you are expected to maintain a high level of academic integrity at all times. Please be careful not to help your students cheat or plagerize. To learn more about plagiarism, you can access some great resources here.

Contact Details

Dr. Marygrace Hemme
Director of Learning and Development
The Peer Power Institute