FIR Work-Study

Students can benefit from work-study in many ways, in addition to the opportunity to earn income. The FIR work-study is available to any student that is deemed eligible for financial aid after completing the Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The work-study provides a flexible schedule and allows students to become involved within their field of study as the role is community oriented and requires communication with several professors and students. The FIR work-study is an excellent way to add experience to your resume as these types of jobs allow for improvement on several skills and present many opportunities that provide experience for careers that students may pursue once they have graduated. 

Semester Needed: Ongoing
Date Needed: Immediately
Department: Finance, Insurance, Real Estate
Location: FAB 402
Job Description:

Opportunity to obtain certifications and then serve the cross-disciplinary mission of FISC https://www.memphis.edu/finance/research/fisc.php
(1) Quantitative or Honors background is preferred
(2) GPA of at least 3.0
(3) Can work for at least one year. 

No. of Students Needed: 1 - 2
Hours: About 10 hours a week on average but very flexible
Pay Rate: $10.00 per hour
Responsibilities an FIR work-study employee can expect:
  • Research data collection and data analysis tasks.
  • Student Finance Club Board member tasks
  • Maintain the Student Events page with FIR related business school events and inter-university competitions.
  • Obtain Bloomberg Market Concepts certification and utilize the terminal to export data sets upon requests.
  • Offer scheduling to students for access to the Bloomberg Lab.
  • Inform and recruit students to participate in inter-university competitions such as the Tennessee Valley Case Study Competition, the Southeastern Hedge Fund Competition, and the ETF Global Portfolio Challenge.
  • Share important information with FIR students. 
How to apply? To apply for the FIR work-study, students should contact financialaid@memphis.edu to begin the process of checking their eligibility for work-study financial aid with FAFSA. If approved, students should visit the work-study job posting to apply. If accepted, Dametria Brooks will help with the onboarding process. Students will then receive an email with instructions to complete a Form I-9 just like any other job. Once onboarding is completed, students will receive, review, and sign an e-contract containing job information before beginning the work-study. 
Contact: Dametria Brooks
Phone: 901.678.2785