UofM Alumni Feature: Dr. Diego Noccetti - Transforming Futures and Shaping Minds

noccettiHailing from the beautiful land of Argentina, Dr. Diego Noccetti's academic journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Not only is he the Dean of the David D. Reh School of Business at Clarkson University, he is also the Dean of the School of Business at Southern New Hampshire University. He holds the prestigious title of Gates '50 Professor of Innovative Business Culture at Clarkson University and remains a professor of Economics there too!

A Passion for Economics

Dr. Noccetti's journey into the world of academia began with a passion for economics. In Argentina, where dinner table conversations often revolved around soccer and the intricacies of the national economy, he found himself drawn to the latter. The quest to understand and dissect Argentina's recurring economic crises became the driving force behind his decision to pursue graduate studies in economics.

From MBA to Academia

After completing his MBA, Diego embarked on a career in the financial industry, working for a boutique financial firm in Memphis. While he appreciated the analytical aspects of the job, the sales-oriented nature of the work left him yearning for something more fulfilling. It was during this time that he had an epiphany — academia was his true calling. With unwavering determination, he applied to the University of Memphis’ Fogelman College of Business & Economics to get his Ph.D. in Economics and to chart a new path.

A Personalized Experience

Reflecting on his time at the University of Memphis, Diego fondly recalls the phrase "personalized experience." The small cohort size of the program allowed him to craft his academic journey according to his interests. The close interactions with professors not only nurtured his intellect but also created an exceptional learning environment.

Indelible Moments

Two moments from his UofM journey left an indelible impact on him. The first was the countless hours spent with his PhD advisor, Dr. Bill Smith, discussing research ideas. The second, a heartwarming instance of the Chair of the Economics Department babysitting his daughter while he was teaching, highlighted the close-knit and supportive community at UofM.

Influential Figures

Dr. Bill T. Smith, his PhD advisor, co-author, and friend, played a pivotal role in shaping Diego's academic journey. His guidance and mentorship left an enduring mark.

Preparation for Success

noccettiDiego's time at UofM proved instrumental in preparing him for his successful career. By the time he completed his PhD dissertation under Dr. Bill Smith's guidance, he had several published papers and substantial teaching experience. This foundation was vital in securing tenure-track offers from multiple universities. His academic preparation at UofM has been the cornerstone of his achievements as a scholar, teacher, mentor, and academic administrator.

Words of Wisdom

For current and future UofM graduate students, Diego offers valuable advice. He believes that career success is a combination of enjoying what you do, hard work, luck, tenacity, personal relations, and showing empathy. The multi-dimensional approach is essential to thrive in any field.

Career Highlights

Dr. Noccetti's career is adorned with notable milestones, including his promotion to Full Professor of economics and financial studies in 2017. This recognition of his scholarly achievements was a testament to his dedication. Additionally, his designation as the permanent Dean of the School of Business and Gates '50 Professor of Innovative Business Culture at Clarkson University is a testament to his extraordinary contributions to academia.

Diego Noccetti's journey from Argentina to academic leadership in the United States is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and hard work. His story inspires and motivates, showing that with the right blend of determination and support, one can shape not only their future but also the minds of countless others.