UofM Graduate School Alumni Feature: Ayushi Mehta Jain

Ayushi Mehta JainAyushi Mehta Jain’s passion for new and emerging technologies greatly influenced her studies and career. She is from Rajasthan, India, and received her bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering from Rajasthan Technical University in 2011, and her master’s degree in computer science from the University of Memphis in 2019.

At UofM, Ayushi worked under the mentorship of Dr. Dipankar Dasgupta who she calls her “mentor for life” because he taught her life lessons that have and continue to help her personally and professionally.

During her time at UofM, Ayushi was selected to intern at International Paper, Intel Corporation, AutoZone Inc., ALSAC, and St. Jude. She chose Intel and International Paper which led to a full-time position after graduation. She also worked as a Graduate Assistant and Teaching Assistant at UofM.

Following graduation, she worked at International Paper in Memphis, TN as an IT Business Specialist and moved up to an Application Development Analyst role before landing her current position as Lead at HTC Global Services in Hyderabad, Telangana, India in 2022. 

Choosing UofM: A Wise Decision

Ayushi’s decision to pursue her master’s was influenced by the recommendations of friends who completed theirs and others who were enrolled in Computer Science programs at UofM. The institution's reputation for its courses and faculty members further solidified her choice.

Transformative UofM Moments

Two key moments stand out in Ayushi’s UofM journey. The first was her role as a Research Assistant for the Center for Information Assurance (CFIA) at the UofM, which allowed her to delve deep into research and work on federal-funded projects. The second was her involvement in organizing a three-day Cyber Summit event, hosted by UofM, which “provides a platform for companies and institutions in the Mid-South Region to learn, discuss, and exchange knowledge and technologies about Cyber Security.”

A Great and Valuable Learning Experience

The phrase Ayushi chose when reflecting on her time at UofM: "a great and valuable learning experience." 

UofM & Preparation for Career Success

When asked how her time at UofM prepared her for career success, Ayushi credits rigorous coursework, dedication to assignments and exams, and mock interview sessions which helped her gain a deeper understanding and develop the confidence needed to excel in interviews and future careers.

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Graduates

For those currently pursuing or considering a master’s degree at UofM, Ayushi offers a simple yet powerful piece of advice: "Work hard, there are no shortcuts to success." These words encapsulate the essence of her journey—a testament to the dedication and effort required to achieve one's goals.

Ayushi Mehta Jain