Graduate Student Contracts and Scholarships

Graduate students can be employed by your department, or receive scholarships, in exchange for teaching, research, and/or service for the UofM.

Academic units play large roles in the processes used to assign stipends and tuition assistance.  GA and Student Worker eContracts include stipends and GA eContracts also include tuition and fee assistance.  Departmental Graduate Scholarships provide tuition assistance with service requirements or without. We are providing resources below to assist with the creation and management of eContracts and Graduate Scholarships, such as a Banner Access form and a chart that helps break down the difference between the types of contracts for graduate students.

  • Banner View Only Access (Fill in PDF form that needs to be completed, signed with supervisor approval then returned to the USBS office via email at usbs@memphis.edu - SUBJECT LINE: GA BANNER ACCESS REQUEST)
  • Reminder: If a student is hired to perform research and teaching functions, the effort should be split accordingly in the contract, with the appropriate % split going to a research program code and an instruction program code.  If that student is receiving tuition assistance, that same % split should apply to the tuition portion.


Frequently Asked Questions
  Graduate Assistantships Graduate Scholarships Graduate Student Workers
Considered a GA? Yes No No
Award type? Tuition & USF and Stipend

Tuition & USF (partial or full tuition & USF)

Hourly or Monthly Pay
Considered an employee? Yes No Yes
Service Component? Yes Optional Yes
Will the central pool cover the Non-Resident tuition premium? Yes (for Doctoral ONLY) No No
Can departmental GA Pool funds be used? Yes Yes Yes
Is scholarship refundable to student? N/A No N/A