May 7 - Academic Affairs Fall Preparedness Steering Committee and Working Groups Named

Dear Faculty and Staff:

As we wrap up a challenging spring, it is time to look ahead and prepare for the fall semester. Based on the most recent scientific data and federal and state guidance, we will prepare to return to face-to-face instruction while protecting the health of our students, faculty and staff and recognizing this means there will be considerable changes in day-to-day operations. We will be prepared for the full range of potential scenarios.

We have formed an Academic Affairs Fall Preparedness Steering Committee with three working groups to advise University leadership on the steps needed to be ready for the fall semester. One group will review our current remote instruction model for any needed adjustments. A second group will recommend measures that ensures the health of our students, faculty and staff for on-ground courses this fall, with needed limitations or restrictions. A third group will look at how we can best provide student support and social interactions under either of these scenarios or a hybrid model. Additional working groups will be formed as needed.

The steering committee will be led by Executive Vice President and Provost, Dr. Tom Nenon. Each of the working groups will be comprised of faculty members from public health and other disciplines, appropriate support staff members and undergraduate and graduate students.

The steering committee and working groups are as follows:

Steering Committee

  • Chair: Dr. Tom Nenon, Executive Vice President and Provost
  • Dr. Jeffrey Marchetta, Faculty Senate President
  • Dr. James Gurney, Dean of the School of Public Health
  • Dr. Karen Weddle-West, Vice President for Academic Student Success
  • Dr Jasbir Dhaliwal, Executive Vice President for Research and Innovation
  • Dr. Justin Lawhead, Dean of Students and Chief Health and Safety Officer
  • Dr. Robert Jackson, Chief Information Officer
  • Raaj Kurapati, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Remote Instruction

  • Chair: Dr. Sue Hull-Toye, Information Technology Services
  • Roy Bowery, Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning
  • Amanda Savage, Department of History, Online Program Coordinator
  • Tom Banning, Department of Engineering Technology
  • Dr. Andrew Tawfik, Department of Instructional Design and Technology
  • Courtney Brafford, UofM Global
  • Sara Kelly, Undergraduate Student
  • Bonnie Oliver-Brandon, Graduate Student - DLS

On-Campus Instruction with Restrictions

  • Chair: Dr. Darla Keel, Registrar
  • Dr. Joy Hoffmann, College of Nursing
  • Raminder Lotay, Division of Research and Innovation
  • Dr. Ladrica Menson-Furr, English & Director of African and African-American Studies
  • Dr. Arleen Hill, Department of Earth Sciences
  • Dr. Andrew Olney, Institute for Intelligent Systems and Psychology
  • Kennedie Green, Undergraduate Student
  • Joshua Smith, Graduate Student

Student Support and Activities

  • Chair: Ryan Crews, Academic Student Success
  • Kaylon Bradford, Student Life
  • Arielle Fair-Brown, Student Outreach and Support
  • Dr. Marian Levy, School of Public Health
  • Dr. Fedoria Rugless, School of Health Studies
  • Vanessa Brock, Academic Advising Center
  • Desiree Dyson, Student Government Association
  • Mahbubul Hasan, Graduate Student Association

In addition, Business and Finance has formed two working groups charged with examining how we safely return to work (Workforce) and a Facilities group to ensure that our facilities are properly reviewed and managed as faculty, staff and students return to campus. The composition of these two working groups is as follows:


  • Chair: Maria Alam, Human Resources
  • Dr. Vikki Nolan, School of Public Health
  • Courtney Shelton, Conference & Event Services
  • Kathy Johnson, Physical Plant/Space Planning
  • Sally Parish, Educational Initiatives
  • Dr. Jane Clement, Student Health Center
  • Tiffany Baker, Director of OIE and Chief Compliance Officer
  • Dr. Justin Lawhead, Dean of Students and Chief Health and Safety Officer
  • Dr. Niles Reddick, Lambuth Campus


  • Chair: Ron Brooks, Vice President for Physical Plant
  • Dr. Aram Dobalian, School of Public Health
  • Al Simpson, Environmental Health and Safety
  • Kathy Johnson, Physical Plant/Space Planning
  • Robin Stewart, Dining (Chartwells)
  • Dr. Justin Lawhead, Dean of Students and Chief Health and Safety Officer
  • Dr. Niles Reddick, Lambuth Campus
  • Matt Goudreau, Athletics
  • Pam Cash, University Operations
  • Dr. John Evans, Libraries

The recommendations of the various working groups and steering committee will help guide our decision-making. Should you have ideas and suggestions, do not hesitate to contact one of the named faculty, staff or student members. We will keep you updated regularly as recommendations emerge and decisions are finalized.

-Dr. M. David Rudd, UofM President