Contact Us

Dr. Melinda Jones
105B Honors Hall; Phone:  901.678.2690
Responsibilities: Honors College administration and policies; curriculum and major initiatives

Mr. Jonathan Holland
Assistant Director                                                                                                                                                             
105D Honors Hall; Phone: 901.678.3084
Responsibilities: Admissions and recruitment; clearance for graduation with honors distinction; coordinates student research and honors-sponsored events; advises Honors Student Organization and Honors Ambassador Program, assists with the National Student Exchange program

Dr. Paul Mego
Instructor, Political Science
200D, V.J. Hall; Phone: 901.678.1923
Responsibilities: Honors Faculty Coordinator on UofM Lambuth Campus

Ms. Roselle Revelle
Administrative Secretary
105 Honors Hall; Phone: 901.678.2690

Mr. Scott Dutt
Graduate Assistant
120 Honors Hall; Phone 901.678.2690

Mr. Anthony Eldridge
Graduate Assistant
105A Honors Hall; Phone 901.678.2690