Hypostyle Hall Project Current Staff 

Dr. Peter J. Brand (Project Director)
Associate professor of Ancient History and Egyptology at the University of Memphis. His doctoral dissertation at the University of Toronto, 1998, focused on the monuments of Seti I, including the Great Hypostyle Hall. His ongoing research interests include epigraphy, New Kingdom monumental architecture and Ramesside history. He served as Project epigraphist and artist 1994-2000 and became Project Director in 2001 after the death of the founding Director, Dr. William J. Murnane.

Dr. Janusz Karkowski (Senior Epigraphist)
During his long and distinguished career, Dr. Karkowski has served as head of the Polish Academy of Science's archaeological institute in Egypt and has worked at sites from Faras in Nubia to Alexandria. He is perhaps best known for his long association with the Polish mission at the temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari which he directed for many years.


Dr. Jean Revez (Project Co-Director)

Dr. Revez has worked with the Project since 2002, but his association with Karnak dates back to the earlier 1990s when he worked with the Franco-Egyptian center in the temple. He has worked with other archaeological missions including the Univeristy of Toronto's expedition to Mendes in the Delta. His doctoral dissertation from the University of Paris, Sorbonne, focused on the role of the kings' brothers in Ancient Egypt.