Department of Social Work Initiatives

Lifelong Initiative for Family Empowerment (LIFE)

Based in the Department of Social Work and under the direction of Dr. Gregory Washington, the Lifelong Initiative for Family Empowerment (LIFE) is a community based project that aims to connect families to a system of care that promotes the healthy development of their youngest family members. In partnership with Knowledge Quest and Goodwill Homes, LIFE engages parents/caregivers and children ages 0-8 years in empowerment and health promoting activities in Memphis area zip codes 38106,38104 38126, and 38116.

One of the highlights of the LIFE initiative is that all enrolled families are matched with trained mentors/navigators who enhance the family’s strengths and connection to culturally rich resources that promote family health protective factors. Families also have access to resource rich health centered solution camps and think tanks. These camps and solution tanks provide family members with vocational information, mental health support, caregiver mentoring support, Nurturing Parenting resources and both education and social capital development support.

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