Loewenberg College of Nursing Initiatives

ACEs Curriculum Integration

The ACEs Curriculum Integration (ACI) aims to incorporate adverse childhood experience (ACEs) awareness and prevention, toxic stress reduction, trauma informed care, resilience, workable strategies, interventions, and sound policies across undergraduate and graduate courses in the Loewenberg College of Nursing. Graduates will be able to translate knowledge to practice and ultimately to promote health for urban children and families.

The Pediatric Asthma Management

The Pediatric Asthma Management Program (PAM) focuses on engaging and empowering Shelby County Schools’ teachers, staff, and care providers to effectively manage pediatric asthma. The program targets families experiencing health disparities in the 38126 and 38106 zip codes.

Both ACI and PAM are part of the Loewenberg College of Nursing's efforts to build a culture of health for urban children and families in Memphis.