Class 5.0

PI: Andrew Olney
Co-PIs: Art Graesser, Sidney D'Mello

Class 5.0For over a century, research has documented the dominant configuration of lecture, recitation, and seatwork in American schools. Recent research looking at the role of classroom discourse, i.e., interactions between teachers and students, has confirmed, as an alternative to this configuration, the importance of open discussions prompted by open-ended teacher questions ("authentic teacher questions") in reading and literature instruction. The goal of our project, using cutting-edge research in speech recognition, discourse classification, and natural language understanding (NLU), is to develop CLASS 5.0, a computer program that will autonomously code classroom interactions between teachers and their students. CLASS 5.0 will radically simplify and accommodate automated coding and assessment of classroom discourse, which, in turn, could revolutionize classroom research.


Past funding:

  • Automating the Measurement and Assessment of Classroom Discourse. Funding Agency: IES (subcontract from University of Wisconsin - Madison; Martin Nystrand is PI). $523,422.

Selected Publications:

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