PI: Xiangen Hu
Co-PIs: Art Graesser, Andrew Olney

Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutors (GIFT)The ultimate goal of this multiyear collaborative effort between the ARL Team and the Memphis team is to build a science-based suite of documents, guidelines, prototypes, and architectures that exhibit advanced learning technologies embodying the features of the Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutors (GIFT) and conversational agents. These deliverables are informed by a community of researchers who have relevant expertise to bring these advanced technologies to fruition. The hope of this project is that the next generation of personnel in the DoD will be fortified with the optimal learning environments for a broad landscape of subject matters, personnel, and practical challenges in the military.

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  • Generalized Intelligent Framework for Tutors. Funding Agency: ARL. $1,289,545.

Selected Publications:

  • Sottilare, R., Graesser, A., Hu, X., Holden, H. (2013). Design Recommendations for Intelligent Tutoring Systems: Learner Modeling (Vol.1). Orlando, FL: Army Research Laboratory.