Leica Autostainer XL ST5010 Specifications

Instrument Functions

  • Compact and efficient H&E autostainer which can stain up to 200 slides per hour

  • Can stain over 150 slides per hour with typical H&E protocols

  • 18 reagent stations 5 wash stations and an integrated forced hot air oven that significantly reduces slide drying time

  • Simultaneous staining of up to 11 racks (30 slides/rack) using several different protocols - selecting any compatible
    program for each rack
  • Continuous load/unload drawer access and robot arm system allows users to continue slide processing without interrupting
    instrument's operation
  • Stainless steel robot arm moves accurately and quietly with precision on the x, y and z direction motion axes to process the
    slide racks
  • Reagent containers can be exchanged and/or refilled quickly and easily

  • Incubation times and sequence of use for reagent stations is independently programmable

  • Agitation of individual slide racks is fully programmable from no agitation to continuous agitation

  • Easy to use menu and microprocessor controlled

  • 15 programs can be stored in memory each with up to 25 steps

  • Staining programs can be terminated at any reagent and racks can be removed prior to completion of the staining protocol

  • Integrated program recognition where the autostainer will not start a stain protocol that it is incompatible with another stain
    protocol already in progress

  • Programming flexibility allows a stain protocol to begin or end in any station and move in any station sequence that
    maximizes utilization of the instrument

  • Water saving feature which stops the flow of water if none of the wash stations is in use

  • Minimized exposure to hazardous fumes with the integrated fume containment hood and extraction fan with integral charcoal filter

  • PC access for fault diagnosis by service engineer

Technical Data

  • Specimen slide throughput:

  • Minimum of 200 slides/hour

  • Maximum of 600 slides/hour

  • Loading Capacity:

  • 11 slide racks

  • 30 specimen slides/rack

  • Total number of processing stations: 26

  • Reagent Stations: at least 18

  • Reagent container volume: 450 mL

  • Number of wash stations: maximum of 5

  • Oven: 1

  • Oven chamber temperature: off or 30-65C

  • Incubation time setting: from 0 sec. up to 99 min.,59 sec.

  • Load/Unload stations: 1 each

  • Permanent memory capacity: 15 programs with up to 25 steps in each

  • Dimensions(WxDxH): 109cm x 67cm x 51cm

  • Weight: 65kg/143lbs