Network Services

Network Services provides networking and telecommunication services to the University community. Services are provided to over 12,000 data nodes, 6,500 phones, 2,400 cable TV connections, and 270 web cameras. Network Services also supports a gigapop site for regional connections to Internet2 and as the connector for the State of Tennessee SEGP program for Internet2. Additionally, Network Services handles all adds, moves and changes for university voice, data and video communications.

Under the Network Services, the Network Operations Center (NOC) is responsible for daily / nightly production of updates to and reports from university databases and servers, including daily backups and business processing for the university. The department is evolving into a 7-day 24-hour, tier 2 level, centralized network operations center for monitoring and tracking problem resolution for critical university systems and services.

ITS launching new wireless access pilot

Information Technology Services (ITS) is launching a new wireless access network pilot with an additional layer of security. Effective Aug. 14, uofm-secure will provide wireless users enhanced security for passwords and protection of University data. ITS welcomes your participation and cooperation in helping to keep both you and the University more secure with improved encryption. Existing UofM and uofm-guest wireless networks remain in place while the new uofm-secure network is tested. The need for two older networks will be addressed during the fall semester. To learn more visit our um-secure wireless page.