Integrated Strategic Media

The Integrated Strategic Media emphasis represents the fast-paced and exciting fields of advertising and public relations, and offers many opportunities for job growth. Advertising involves all phases of the industry, from art direction to media planning and buying. Our classes prepare you for careers ranging from working in an agency to heading a corporate ad office. Public relations is a proactive, strategic function that strives to build relationships among an organization and its publics. Together, they represent a cohesive unit communicating brand messages to internal and external audiences.

Our courses are developed to introduce key concepts to students in order to prepare them for a career in integrated strategic media. Key concepts include planning, implementing and evaluating effective communication plans; using appropriate tools and techniques to share strategic messages; creating communication tactics for internal and external stakeholders, shareholders and target audiences; and understanding the ethics of advertising and public relations in practice.

Integrated Strategic Media courses

JOUR 7410 Advanced Crisis Communication 3 hours
JOUR 7412 Analytics and Evaluation 3 hours
JOUR 7414 Audience Analysis & Segmentation 3 hours
JOUR 7416 Global Strategic Communication 3 hours
JOUR 7418 Integrated Strategic Management 3 hours
JOUR 7422 Writing for Strategic Media 3 hours

Recommended electives

JOUR 7530 Visual Media Theory & Practice 3 hours