Graduate Certificate in Social Media Analysis and Strategy

The Graduate Certificate in Social Media Analysis and Strategy offers students skills and knowledge to broaden their use of social media in a professional setting, including using it to attract readers, clients and customers. The certificate emphasizes knowledge of how to use social media, how to engage the public, and how to analyze the information social media provides in order to improve performance and understanding.

Objectives of the program include:

  • To prepare students as professionals in advertising, public relations and journalism with the knowledge and current theories of how social media can be used to engage the public.
  • To equip students with the skills needed to use social media to do tasks such as enhance public perception of a product, increase marketability of a business and heighten brand awareness.
  • To certify students in multiple areas of social media analytics, such as HootSuite, Meltwater, Google AdWords, Google Digital Garage, and others.


The Graduate Certificate in Social Media Analysis and Strategy requires 12 hours. Students are required to take JRSM 7330 Advanced Social Media and Community Engagement (3 hours). Then students would choose three of the following courses (3 hours each):

JRSM 7100 – Entrepreneurial Media
JRSM 7410 – Advanced Crisis Communication
JRSM 7412 – Analytics and Evaluation
JRSM 7414 – Audience Analysis and Segmentation
JRSM 7416 – Global Strategic Communication
JRSM 7422 – Writing for Strategic Media

How to apply

Applicants for the entrepreneurial certificate program must satisfy all the requirements of the University Graduate School as set out in the Graduate Bulletin.

The Graduate School collects your application, transcripts, goal statement and resume, and when complete, forwards them to the Department of Journalism and Strategic Media to consider for admission to the journalism certificate program.

All other admissions requirements are the same as for the regular program (see above).

Continuing beyond the certificate

All of the classes taken in the certificate program will count toward your Master's degree if you are admitted to the Department of Journalism and Strategic Media's master's degree program. You will have up to eight years to complete the program. The time starts the semester that you take your first graduate course.