Mass Media Research

The Mass Media Research emphasis explores the theories of mass communication and the research methods used to expand knowledge about the media. Students in the Mass Media Research emphasis must complete a thesis, a theory-based original contribution to the knowledge of the discipline, for their capstone. Students contemplating the idea of an eventual doctorate should strongly consider this option.

Mass Media Research courses

JOUR 7025 Research in Media Law (3 hours)
JOUR 7125 Research in Media History (3 hours)
JOUR 7320 Media and Diversity (3 hours)

Select one writing class

JOUR 7015 Advanced Media Writing (3 hours)
JOUR 7350 Advanced Multimedia Reporting (3 hours)
JOUR 7422 Writing for Strategic Media (3 hours)

Recommended electives

JOUR 7330 Social Media and Comm. Eng. (3 hours)
JOUR 7530 Visual Media Theory & Practice (3 hours)