News and Storytelling

News and Storytelling means seeking, interpreting and reporting information for mass and specialized audiences through journalism. The subject matter and people with whom journalists deal are as diverse as the human race. So, while you will take coursework in the department that emphasizes specific areas of journalism, the larger purpose of the program is to prepare you to be a professional journalist. Because you will have both theoretical and practical skills, you will have the talent, confidence and knowledge to cope with many professional communication responsibilities. In addition to journalism and mass communication skills, you will also gain a broad background and in-depth exposure to a variety of social and natural sciences, the humanities, business and other subjects. The program is flexible to permit coursework in areas of greatest interest to you.

News and Storytelling courses

JOUR 7015 Advanced Media Writing (3 hours)
JOUR 7124 Data Journalism (3 hours)
JOUR 7330 Social Media and Comm. Eng. (3 hours)
JOUR 7350 Advanced Multimedia Reporting (3 hours)

Recommended electives

JOUR 7100 Entrepreneurial Media (3 hours)
JOUR 7510 Information Design (3 hours)