Visual Media

Visual media professionals lead the charge in strategic discussions of ideas and their execution to deliver the intended message to the target audiences. Creative think about audiences and how those audiences will consume content. They use theories and research that show how people perceive color and type, how they engage a printed page or a digital screen and how layout and structure convey organization and importance. And they deliver a message that uses words, images, symbols and graphics to efficiently inform and persuade that audience.

Visual Media courses

JOUR 7330 Social Media and Comm. Eng. (3 hours)
JOUR 7422 Writing for Strategic Media (3 hours)
JOUR 7510 Information Design (3 hours)
JOUR 7530 Visual Media Theory & Practice (3 hours)

Recommended electives

JOUR 7100 Entrepreneurial Media (3 hours)
JOUR 7350 Advanced Multimedia Reporting (3 hours)
JOUR 7412 Analytics and Evaluation (3 hours)