Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate

Faculty Mentors:  Prof. P.K. Jain

Faculty Mentor's Department:  Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate

Email Address:  pjain@memphis.edu

Project Description: Cross-disciplinary Bloomberg and Big data Research Student will conduct high quality research and present it at (1) the FISC cross-disciplinary center of excellence https://www.memphis.edu/finance/research/fisc.php (2) UM teams that participate in Inter-university research competitions; there may be opportunities to participate in competitions and represent the University of Memphis. Teams have won first place in the world in recent semesters. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W7soqZ1ncuICYNVLo3TKE3FXEwI5mBwwF16MoEv7Rvo/edit?ts=5a20710f

Requirements for Student Applicants: Honors students and other high academic achievements, Excel. Students will be provided the opportunity to become Bloomberg certified during the Work study.

Hours per week: 20

Starting Date: Immediately

Method of Compensation: Volunteer

Name of the Faculty Mentor: Vivek Sharma

Faculty Mentor's Department: Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate

Telephone Number and/or Email Address: vsharma@memphis.edu 

Project Description: To examine the relationship between a firm's foreign currency exposure and accuracy ofanalyst forecasts: Firms in the process growing their business or to reduce costs or for ease of being close to customers, chose to establish foreign subsidiaries. This leads to foreign currency exposure, largely translational in nature. The project intends to study the consequence of this foreign currency exposure on the accuracy of analyst forecasts. If analysts are unable to consider translational exposures, then it might lead increased stock price volatility and increase the cost of capital for the firm. This is an additional cost of doing business abroad that has not been studied in detail in the academic literature and we intend to shed light on this timely topic of the corporate structure decisions of firms and the costs that such decisions have.

Requirements for Student Applicants: Bloomberg certification, Business major, working knowledge of Microsoft word and excel

Application or Interview Process: Resume and cover letter

Hours per week the student will work: 15

Start Date: Immediately

Method of Compensation:  Volunteer