McWherter Library Map

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First Floor - Collaborative Zone
Second Floor - Collaborative Zone
  • Includes the Interlibrary Loan Office (212), Instruction Rooms (225 & 226), the Administration Office (204), the 2nd Floor Commons Area, the Video Production Studio (215), and the Podcast Production Studio (224).
  • You can find Mac computers & printer, a large BookEye scanner, journals, periodicals, and microfilm here.
  • The book stacks (east side) is a Quiet Zone and the 2nd Floor Commons Area (west side) is a Collaborative Zone.
  • The 2nd Floor Commons Area is a group study & reservable event space.
Third Floor - Collaborative Zone and Quiet Zone
Fourth Floor - Silent Zone


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McWherter Library Map, Floor 1


McWherter Library Map, Floor 2


McWherter Library Map, 3rd Floor


McWherter Library Map, 4th Floor