TopNotch Tiger Program


The TopNotch Tiger (TNT) is a form of appreciation that allows any member of the library to recognize an employee for his or her outstanding work. The TNT was originally created by the Library Support Staff Association to honor fellow staff members, but now has been expanded to include faculty, staff, and administration of the University Libraries.

Criteria for Nomination

In defining the criteria for nomination, the Recognition, Awards, and Wellbeing (RAW) Committee relies on the Statement of Values as outlined in the University Libraries’ Strategic Plan. Therefore, the TNT appreciation form will ask those nominating to evaluate the recipient based on the categories of Service, Quality, Integrity, Diversity, Collaboration, and Innovation. In short, the RAW Committee is committed to quality over quantity in terms of nominations for award.

Format of Nomination

The TNT appreciation forms must be readily available and easy to use. The RAW Committee will provide an online submission form on the University Libraries’ website. You can view the form at: TopNotch Tiger Award Nomination Form.

Excerpt from online form:

“Has a University Libraries’ employee done something that you feel is worthy of praise? If so, give him or her a shout-out with a TopNotch Tiger award! This award will let others know the merits and accomplishments of this person. All employees that demonstrate at least one of the values of the University Libraries’ Mission are eligible for award: student workers, graduate assistants, full- and part-time employees (please scroll down for more information about the values of the University Libraries).

Nominations will carefully be considered by the University Libraries’ Recognition, Awards, and Wellbeing Committee and awards announced thrice a year (on or about April 15th, August 1st, and December 1st).

Anyone reading this page is free to nominate a University Libraries’ employee!”


Once a person has submitted a nomination, the form will be sent automatically to the current Chair of the RAW Committee, via email. The RAW Committee will then meet once a semester to evaluate and select the award winner from among the nominations. This selection will be provided to Dean Ford for her approval.

Dissemination of Awards

There will be three awards per year, corresponding to the academic semester. The RAW Committee will collect TNT nominations on a rolling basis. Two weeks prior to the Personnel Development Day, the Fall Retreat, and the Winter Holiday Party (approximately, April 15th, August 1st, and December 1st, respectively), the RAW Committee will meet to discuss the collected nominations. The winner of the TNT for the current semester will be presented his or her award by Dean Ford at the Personnel Development Day, the Fall Retreat, and the Winter Holiday Party. We also invite Dean Ford to take a picture with the award winner next to our tiger, Athena. The RAW Committee would then like to display these Tiger pictures on a bulletin board in the Employee Lounge.

Members: Blake Galbreath (Chair), Bess Robinson, Connie Carlin, James Cushing, Kevin Merriman, and Rex West.

Incentives for Participation

  • A certificate will be presented at the time of the award.

  • Award winners will have a READ poster made in their honor to be displayed in the Rotunda (optional).

  • One half day of personal leave will be granted.

  • Once a year, the names of the three award winners from the current year will be placed in a drawing to win a $25 VISA gift card.

January 8th, 2013

Recognition, Awards, and Wellbeing Committee