Grant Collaborations

The University Libraries is a great resource for UofM and community researchers to include as part of a grant proposal, both as a space and as a resource. University Libraries faculty have collaborated with other UofM faculty and local researchers on developing, applying for, and executing grants, and facilitated purchases and maintenance of resources or collections after a grant has been awarded. 

If you are interested in collaborating on a grant, please view our faculty research interests below, contact the appropriate library liaison.

Libraries Faculty Research Interests

Brigitte Billeaudeaux

  • Primary source use in classroom
  • GIS & data visualization
  • Marginalized communities
  • Material culture
  • Cultural performance & cultural knowledge learning
  • Museum studies
  • African American, Memphis, Ancient, NASA histories
  • Folklore

Gerald Chaudron

  • Archives
  • Digital collections

Irma Singarella

  • Burnout among academic librarians
  • COVID-19
  • Health disparities and information access
  • Health Literacy
  • Health sciences and Evidence Based Practice
  • Information skills and technology
  • Information literacy and technology
  • Leadership among academic librarians
  • Mentorship in Education
  • Mobile learning

Ashley Roach-Freiman

  • Information literacy
  • Instruction techniques & pedagogy in higher ed

Joel Roberts

  • Memphis music
  • Music and race
  • Music and film