Instructor, Department of Management

UM Lambuth
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Dr. Mollica is a full-time faculty member in the Management Department in the Fogelman College of Business and Economics. She has a Ph.D. in Business Administration from Penn State University. Dr. Mollica previously worked as a management consultant with The Centre Group and was the owner of Star Performance Consulting. Her professional work experience includes health care, management, marketing, and pharmaceutical sales.

Teaching and Advising

Dr. Mollica regularly teaches Strategic Management, Organization and Management, and Human Resource Management. She has also taught Compensation and Performance Appraisal, Critical Thinking in Management, Employee Relations, International Management, Leadership, Negotiation and Conflict Management, Organizational Behavior, and Strategic Human Capital Management.

Dr. Mollica is the Academic Advisor and Internship Faculty Supervisor for U of M Lambuth Management students.


Dr. Mollica is co-founder and co-director, with Michelle Reddick (U of M Career Services), of the Prepped for Success! Professionalism Certificate Program for U of M Lambuth students. She has also chaired or served on various committees at the Fogelman College of Business and the U of M Lambuth Campus.

Honors and Awards

Dr. Mollica was the recipient of a 2016 George Johnson Fellow Award for Teaching. She was recognized with Department of Management Undergraduate Teaching Awards in 2014, 2015, and 2017. She received a University of Memphis Lambuth Campus Faculty Spirit Award in 2015.

Publications and Presentations

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