You will be charged a $100 LATE FEE if your appointment is not complete and accepted at the Graduate School Office (ADMIN 308) before the 1st day of class of a semester.

You will not be eligible for TUITION REMISSION for a semester unless your appointment is complete and accepted by the Graduate School by the 4th day of that semester.

You must execute all of the following actions to ensure that you are appointed as a Graduate Assistant.

  1. You must already be admitted to the Graduate Program in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.
  2. You must have received notice, in writing, that you are being offered a Graduate Assistantship.
  3. You must have already completed an I-9 Immigration Form in the Department of Human Resources (Jones Hall 108).
  4. You must complete and print a W-4 Payroll Deduction Form. (http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw4.pdf).
  5. You must complete a Direct Deposit Form (https://bf.memphis.edu/forms/payr/payr02.htm or https://bf.memphis.edu/forms/payr/payr02.pdf) complete and print.
  6. You must print out a Graduate Assistant Appointment/Reappointment Form and neatly complete the following items by hand:
    • Personal Data: all items in this section

    • Necessary Funding: Name, Social Security Number, Local Address, Telephone

    • Department: for the I-9 question, place your initials in space before "Yes"

    • Employment Contract: no items in this section

  7. You must bring the documents you have produced in steps 4, 5, and 6 to the Department Secretary, (Ms. Vasser), in the Department Office.

    Your name will be checked against a list of Graduate Assistantships (GA-List) provided by the Departmental Graduate Program Coordinator (Dr. Mo).

    IF YOUR NAME IS NOT ON THE GA-List, the Secretary WILL NOT process your contract. If your name is not on the GA-List, you must contact the Departmental Graduate Program Coordinator to find out why you are not on the list. The Secretary WILL NOT process a contract for you unless you are on the GA-List! Arguing will only make you both angry and pleading will not produce the desired effect.

    IF YOUR NAME IS ON THE GA-List, the Secretary will enter the appropriate information on the GA Appointment Form. It may be possible to complete the form while you wait or you may have to return to retrieve the form at a later time.

  8. You must retrieve the Graduate Assistant Appointment/Reappointment Form after the dollar amounts are entered.  You should then review it for accuracy. If you are in agreement with the information on the contract; sign your name, enter the date, and return the form to the Secretary.

A copy of the Graduate Assistant Appointment/Reappointment Form will be made for you after it is approved by the Department Chair. It is your responsibility to obtain that copy from the Secretary. The remaining approval signatures will be obtained for you as the form moves through the University's system. It is your responsibility to ensure that deadlines are met.