Mechanical Engineering Faculty and Staff Directory


  Dr. Vipin Agarwal

Dr. Vipin Agarwal
Assistant Professor
Email: vipin.a@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.3858
Office:  Engineering Science Building Room 322A
Research Interests: Nonlinear Phenomena, Dynamics, Vibrations and Controls, Origami Engineering, Cochlear Mechanics


  Dr. Ali Fatemi Dr. Ali Fatemi
Ring Companies Endowed Professor and Department Chair, Director of Fatigue and Fracture Research Laboratory
Email: afatemi@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.2257
Office: Engineering Science Building Room 312A
Dr. Daniel Foti Dr. Daniel Foti
Assistant Professor
Email: dvfoti@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.3297
Office: Engineering Science Building Room 318
Gao headshot Dr. Yuan Gao
Assistant Professor
Email: ygao6@memphis.edu 
Phone: 901.678.5014
Office: Engineering Science 314
Dr. Ranganathan Gopalakrishnan Dr. Ranganathan Gopalakrishnan

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Graduate Program Coordinator
Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Email: rgplkrsh@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.2580
Office: Engineering Science Building Room 312B

Guan headshot Dr. Yue Guan 
Assistant Professor
Email: yguan1@memphis.edu 
Phone: 901.678.5013
Office: Engineering Science 310A

Dr. Amir Hadadzadeh
Assistant Professor
Email: hddzadeh@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.2268
Office: Engineering Science Building Room 314

headley Dr. Alexander Headley
Assistant Professor
Email: jheadley@memphis.edu
Office: Engineering Science Building 310D
Lee headshot Dr. Yong Hoon Lee
Assistant Professor
Email: yhlee@memphis.edu 
Phone: 901.678.5004
Office: Engineering Science 322D
Dr. Gladius Lewis Dr. Gladius Lewis
Email: glewis@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.3266
Office: Engineering Science Building Room 316
Dr. Jeffrey G. Marchetta Dr. Jeffrey G. Marchetta
Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator
Email: jmarchtt@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.3141
Office: Engineering Science Building Room 322C
Mirza headshot

Dr. Kazi Mahmud Mirza
Assistant Professor of Teaching
Email: kmmirza@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.3173
Office: Engineering Science Building Room 320

Dr. Molaei headshot

Dr. Reza Molaei
Assistant Professor
Email: rmolaei@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.2865
Office: Engineering Science Building Room 310E

Okoli headshot

Dr. Okenwa Okoli
Professor and Dean, Herff College of Engineering
Email: ookoli@memphis.edu 
Phone: 901.678.4306
Office: 201D Engineering Administration Building


Emeritus Faculty

Dr. John I. Hochstein Dr. John I. Hochstein
Professor Emeritus
Email: jhochste@memphis.edu

William Janna, Professor Emeritus Dr. William Janna
Professor Emeritus
Email: wsjanna@memphis.edu 
Edward Lin, Professor Emeritus headshot Dr. Edward Lin
Professor Emeritus
Email: hlin@memphis.edu 


Carrick Portrait Ms. Kesha Carrick
Administrative Associate II
Email: kesha.carrick@memphis.edu 
Phone: 901.678.2173
Office: ES312
no photo available Jason Presley
Research Equipment Technician II
Email: jsprsley@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.417.1099
Office: Engineering Technology 100D