Admissions & Enrollment: Policies & Procedure

University Middle seeks a diverse student body from across Shelby County, reflecting the racial, ethnic, socio-economic, geographic, and learning-style differences evident throughout our vibrant community.  Admission is open to all residents zoned to a Shelby County School.

Except as explained below, there are two qualifications required for admission: satisfactory attendance and satisfactory conduct

  • Satisfactory Attendance: A student with fewer than 15 combined unexcused absences and tardies or early dismissals in the prior school year will satisfy the attendance requirement.
  • Satisfactory Conduct: Satisfactory conduct requires that a student received no conduct grade below Satisfactory in the preceding year.

Preceding year is defined as calendar year (January to December). Final attendance and conduct records are required to confirm admission in June of the preceding academic year. Attendance and conduct records that do not meet the requirement and do not have a satisfactory exception letter (see below) will result in a student’s admission status being revoked.


Exceptions | Students who do not meet one or both of these qualifications must submit a letter of explanation. This letter may come from any teacher (not just the homeroom teacher), including support teachers (e.g. Art, Clue, Special Education), or a school administrator. An Admissions Committee including the University Middle Executive Director and two members of the University Middle Steering Committee will evaluate letters to determine if exceptional circumstances apply.

Academic Bridge Program | If enrolled (see “Enrollment” below), students must submit their most recent evidence of academic performance before the stated deadline. University Middle will accept assessment results from any of the following: TN Ready, MAPS, Shelby County Intervention Assessment, or Performative Assessment. This evidence is not used to determine admission. However, any student who is more than one grade level behind state recommended guidelines, in either math, science, or reading will be automatically enrolled in University Middle’s “Bridge Program.” This program is designed to give students focused, intensive help in areas of need in order to springboard them into 6th grade and to prepare them for project-based learning. The Bridge Program runs daily during the summer for approximately 3-4 weeks. As long as the Bridge Program is successfully completed, the student’s seat is ensured. (NB: successful completion of the Bridge Program does not require reaching any quantifiable benchmark.)

Enrollment | First Round enrollment of qualified applicants to University Middle will be based on the following order of priority: children of University of Memphis full-time faculty and staff; siblings of current University Middle students; and graduates of Campus School Elementary. Remaining seats will be offered in a Second Round enrollment process. These seats will be equally divided between two categories: qualified applicants living within a two-mile radius of the University of Memphis Administration Building and all other Shelby County qualified applicants (In the event that there are more qualified applicants in the Second Round than available seats, decisions in each category will be made by lottery.)

Preference Window | For all three of our University Schools, families that fail to submit application materials by the advertised application deadline will not be considered for admission, and will not be added to the waitlist after the admissions window has closed. An exception will be made for newly hired UofM full time faculty or staff who are able to provide documentation that demonstrates a hire date that occurred after the admissions window closed. These families will be accommodated if space is available, or added to the waitlist in accordance with the school’s admissions priority.