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University Middle Parent Network Announcements

> Donation Drive

Our ONCE a year plea to parents and grandparents for funds to best serve the UMPN and University Middle is happening now! Please consider what you might donate on multiple sales throughout the year as you decide on the amount to give this year.

We want to contribute whatever we can to make this school all that it can be. No amount is too small - or too large! Our goal is to raise $8,000. You can give using PayPal's "send to a friend." Here is our address: umiddleparentnetwork@gmail.com. You can also give by cash or check by printing this form and sending your donation in an envelope to your child’s homeroom. All donations are tax deductible. Investigate if your company participates in corporate matching.

Read and share our UMPN Support Drive Donation Letter.

> Staff Appreciation

If you would like to recognize a teacher or other staff member for any reason, please email  Lauren Scott (laurenvscott@gmail.com) so we can give them a shout out on our weekly email and our Facebook page.


Our Spirit Shop is open now!  https://stores.inksoft.com/university_middle/shop/home

> Titles for Tomorrow

 Titles for Tomorrow is a great way to help support University Middle classrooms! For a minimum donation of $20 the UMPN will purchase an approved new hardback book for the school. Books can be purchased in honor of your child’s birthday or any other special occasion.

A bookplate will be placed in the front of the book with the student and donor names, and the book will be delivered (along with a small goodie bag) to the student’s classroom so he or she will be the first one to read it. The student may keep the book for a week and then return it to the school. Please email umiddleparentnetwork@gmail.com with any questions.

Please complete this form to the University Middle School Office. 

2020 - 2021 UMPN Officers

2020 - 2021 UMPN Committees

  • Candy Grams: Jennifer Chandler and Blair Geer
  • Community Partners: Kandice Henderson
  • Community Service: Rebecca Arendt and Diana Ruggiero
  • Family Directory: Sharese Willis
  • Spirit Events: Melissa Brigance, Lesley Osburn, and Emily Taylor
  • PBL Family Nights: Leslie Spann, Kara Barkley, and Lily Russell
  • Seasonal Student Parties: Amy Parks and Kathryn Garland
  • Skate Nights: Jennifer Chandler and Courtnie Moore
  • Social Media: Jeni Loftus and Raquel Capocaccia
  • Staff Appreciation: Lauren Scott and Douglas Turner
  • Summer Events: Lily Russell
  • SWAG: Latricia Mickens and Christina Smith
  • Titles for Tomorrow: Miriam Pittman and Merrill Skipworth
  • UMPN Website: Lesley Osburn and Julia Everett
  • University Schools Liaison: Shelley Hand
  • Weekly Email: Renee Brame
  • Yearbook: Jerica Edwards, Elizabeth Wilson, Lily Crocker