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University Middle Parent Network Announcements 2022-2023 



Hello amazing UMiddle families!  We are so excited about the new school year and want to extend to you a very warm welcome from the University Middle Parent Network! 

By having a child at UMiddle, you are automatically a member of the UMPN.  We are just that - a network of parents and guardians who love our students at University Middle School.  Our purpose is to foster a sense of community by promoting family involvement, organizing events, sharing information and raising funds to support our school.

Parents know that communication is one key to a close community.  We strive to keep in weekly communication with you so you know everything that is happening on the UMPN side of UMiddle. Be on the lookout for our weekly emails that come out on Sundays. We have several committees that need volunteers!  If you would like to help out, please consult this link to volunteer. 

Research shows that students whose families are involved in their schools perform better at school.  The UMPN works to provide opportunities to show your kids you are interested in their school, friends, and the community they live in everyday.  We plan regular events to help us get to know each other and the faculty.  On September 18, we will have a Family Fun Day in the Park at Shelby Farms Stables Pavilion.  Also, mark your calendars for an adults only dance and game night at the same night the students have their Fall Dance, October 28. You can also participate in making student events happen and teacher appreciation evident throughout the year!

Our one and only fundraiser was launched after Labor Day, our Annual Support Drive.  We collect money from families for one month; we do not sell wrapping paper, cookie dough or coupon books!  We just ask you one time to be as generous as you can to support UMiddle!  If every family donates $80 (or more!), we will reach our goal of $20,000!  This money is used to support teachers with classroom and instructional materials, teacher appreciation efforts, athletics programs, fine arts programs, Maker Space equipment needs and so much more!  Please consider supporting UMiddle through the UMPN Support Drive happening now!

Bottom line, we need YOU!  Please be involved, connect with other parents, and keep communication open with your students’ teachers. Educating our kids is a team effort!  UMPN is part of that team!

We look forward to seeing you at Shelby Farms!

Go Tigers!

Bridgette Flack


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2022 - 2023 UMPN Officers


2022 - 2023 UMPN Committees

  • Candy Grams: Blair Geer, Lily Crocker and Caitlin Evans
  • Coffee Meet Ups: Michelle Armstrong and Crystal White
  • Community Partners PBL: Micheal Perez, Luz Gray
  • Community Service: Caroline Stophel, Michael Perez, Katie Barzizza, Veronica Aldridge, Ryan Parish
  • Family Dinner Night: Leslie and Blake Spann
  • Family Directory: Kristen Willis
  • Financial Committee: Theresy Yosef
  • Homecoming: Jasmine Griffin, Jowanuna Owens, Flower Hunter
  • Incentives: Erin Edge Stroud
  • Parent/Guardian Party Planning: Julie Green
  • Research Support: Remy Debes, Sofiya Dahman, Michelle Armstrong, Frances Breland
  • SCS FACE Ambassadors: Nina Addison, Flower Hunter
  • Spirit Events: Sonja Wright, Jeannine Friedl, Shera Caviness, Keisha Hicks
  • Seasonal Student Parties: Jowauna Owens, April Archer, Lena McWilliams
  • Skate Nights: Jennifer Chandler and Courtnie Moore
  • Social Media: Jeni Loftus
  • Staff Appreciation: Christie Johnson
  • SWAG: Julie Goebl
  • UMPN Website: Lesley Osburn and Julia Everett
  • University Schools Liaison: Shelley Hand
  • Weekly Email/Website: Renee Brame
  • Yearbook: Ashley Rose, Renee Graves, Joy Fields
  • 8th Grade Activities Liaison: Crystal White