Speech Services

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Evaluation is the first step. A full range of speech and language diagnostic services is available for infants through adults.

Speech-Language Therapy Services are available for individuals diagnosed with a speech, language, swallowing disorder, or a speech/voice difference they wish to address. Sessions can be individual or in a group. Treatment goals are created specifically with the client and family in mind, and the sessions are scheduled at a frequency that best suits the client's needs. If a recent evaluation from another agency is available, individuals can enroll in therapy directly. Currently, sessions can be in person or online.

Services are available to individuals who want to develop a voice consistent with their gender identity. Our clinicians provide a safe place to explore possibilities and achieve a new voice.

A program for individuals with international accents or regional dialects who want to increase their proficiency in speaking Standard American English (SAE).
A four-week intensive program in June. This affordable experience is a combination of individual and group therapy and is tailor-made for each person's interests and needs.
Individual and group therapy offered during the fall and spring semesters.
Evaluations and treatment for individuals with complex communication needs who may benefit from using different communication methods, such as pictures or a device.
Aural Rehabilitation
Designed for children and adults with cochlear implants or hearing aids to improve listening and spoken language abilities, articulation of speech sounds, and provide communication partner training.
Evaluations diagnosing children, adolescents, and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Bilingual Services
Evaluations and treatment services for individuals who speak Spanish. Services in other languages require an interpreter. Please advise the receptionist that an interpreter will be needed.
Community Speech, Language, & Hearing Screenings
Screening is a way to determine if a young child is developing speech and language skills as expected for his/her age. To arrange for screenings at your school or facility, contact Justine Springs.
Parent Coaching
An evidence-based intervention approach in which parents are coached to develop routines and strategies that fit into the family's daily life in order to facilitate their child's communication development.
This program is for adults with intellectual disabilities who wish to improve their reading, writing and social communication skills.
Language Literacy Intervention
Evaluation and treatment services for individuals who struggle academically and may have difficulty with reading, writing, spelling, or executive functions.
Processing Clinic
This is a clinic involving both audiology and speech-language pathology to assess individuals who have difficulty processing, learning, or remembering information despite having typical intellectual abilities.
Selective Mutism
For children who speak in certain situations and settings, but unable to speak in others.
We provide services for young children, school-age children and adults who stutter in a supportive and trusting environment. The Stuttering Support Group is offered weekly at nights for adults who stutter.
Speech Sound Disorders
Evaluation and treatment of all types of speech sound disorders, including articulation and phonological disorders as well as childhood apraxia of speech.
Swallowing problems can result from strokes or other neurological diseases, as well as cancers of the head, neck, and mouth. An instrumental swallow study and physician referral are required before treatment.
Services are available to individuals who want to develop a voice consistent with their gender identity. Our clinicians provide a safe place to explore possibilities and achieve a new voice.
Voice issues can be due to a medical condition or vocal habits. The problem can be organic or functional. Our clinicians focus on helping individuals heal and achieve their voice goals.
Playful Pathways Summer Camp: one-week day camp specifically designed for children with mild to moderate delays in language and executive function. Participants will build language and executive function skills through fun and engaging activities in an inclusive and supportive day camp setting