Musicians Hearing

Musician Ear Plugs

Musicians can be exposed to a high level of noise from their own instruments as well as other musicians if they are part of a band or symphony. When exposed to loud levels such as these, even for a short time period, you can sustain hearing loss or tinnitus which may be permanent. It is important to protect your hearing while still preserving the sound quality of the instruments and music. For this, we have musician earplugs with different levels of filters to help in your specific situation. Please ask our audiologists what will work best to preserve your hearing! 

Musician In-Ear Monitors

Musician in-ear monitors are custom devices designed to allow musicians to hear amplified music while also providing protection from loud sound levels.  Our audiologists will make ear impressions using bite blocks to ensure adequate fit. We send these impressions to manufacturers where they design custom monitors for each ear. Call today for more information! 

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