Swallowing Disorders Rehabilitation Program

A program at the Memphis Speech and Hearing Center for adults with swallowing disorders. 

According to the 2012 National Health Interview Survey, approximately 9.4 million adults in the United States have difficulty swallowing, also known as Dysphagia. For 2.4 million of them, the problem significantly affects the quality of life. Causes vary, but the majority result from strokes or other neurological diseases, as well as cancers of the head, neck, and mouth. 

Professionals at MSHC use an evidence-based approach that combines biofeedback with exercises that target the mouth and throat muscles. This method is recognized as being more effective than exercise alone in restoring strength and coordination to the muscles of swallowing. The result is often a return of some, if not all, functional swallowing ability. A medical referral from a physician is needed as well as results from a recent modified barium swallow study to initiate services. 

A medical referral from a physician and results from a recent objective evaluation, such as a modified barium swallow study (preferred) or evaluation via trans-nasal endoscopy is required to initiate services. 

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John Sandidge, MA, CCC-SLP 

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