Voice Therapy

Voice evaluations and voice therapy are provided for individuals of all ages with voice disorders. A referral and laryngeal examination by an otolaryngologist (ENT) is required before the initiation of voice therapy. Lasting voice improvement is generally the result of a team approach involving both the laryngologist and speech-language pathologist. In voice therapy, clients learn about vocal hygiene and how to apply appropriate vocal techniques to reduce or eliminate unhealthy vocal behaviors. Trial voice therapy is available for clients before considering surgical options.

A specialized laboratory, consisting of state-of-the-art technology, is available to provide initial measures, visual feedback, and comparative data. This equipment can also be used to obtain measurements for professional voice users, such as singers. This technology includes a variety of computer-based systems, which allow for aerodynamic, spectral, acoustic, and perceptual analyses of voice. Pre-surgical baselines obtained using this instrumentation may be compared to data collected post-surgically in order to demonstrate changes and improvement.

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Additional information about voice disorders and treatment can be found at www.asha.org/public/speech/disorders/