Mighty Sound of the South Marching Band

All students at the University of Memphis are invited to audition for The University of Memphis Marching Band, the Mighty Sound of the South. The Mighty Sound is one of the largest student organizations on campus and includes students with a diverse range of interests, enrolled in programs of study that span every college at the University of Memphis. We also welcome students who are enrolled in local community colleges to audition.
As a student in the Mighty Sound of the South, you will gain access to scholarships and out-of-state tuition waivers, travel to exciting locations in support of our athletic teams, be part of a rich university and band tradition, engage in meaningful music-making, and regularly perform for audiences in the tens of thousands. All of this, while forging relationships that will last a lifetime.
Joining the band is simple, and is laid out in a few simple steps below. For more information visit our Frequently Asked Questions or contact our band office at (901) 678-BAND, or mightysound@memphis.edu

1 – Fill out an Interest Form 

The first step in joining the Mighty Sound of the South is to fill out the interest form. This form tells tell us some basic facts about you, including your contact information, which will allow us to keep you updated on important dates and information.

2 – Apply to the University of Memphis

Incoming freshmen and transfer students should apply for admission to the University. If you are interested in the Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music there is a separate application.

If you are attending a local community college and are interested in being in the University of Memphis Marching Band, there is a simple way for you to do this. Please contact the band office for more information (901) 678-BAND, mightysound@memphis.edu.

3 – Audition

Each student in the Mighty Sound of the South must complete an audition by video submission, or by scheduling a video conference. The content of the audition is different for each section of the band. Please see below for more detail.


Auditions for woodwinds and brass are held throughout the spring and into the summer. We recommend you schedule an in-person video conference so that we can get to know you, but we do accept recorded video submissions if this better suits your circumstances. If you are auditioning by recorded video, please upload the file and email it to mightysound@memphis.edu. To schedule an in-person video conference,  email mightysound@memphis.edu.
However you choose to complete it, the audition should include:
  • A-Flat Major scale (all scales in concert pitch)
  • F Major scale
  • D Major scale
  • A brief musical selection of your choosing, no more than three minutes. (You choose what to play. We just want to hear you at your best!)


  • Students auditioning for the 2021 drumline are required to submit a recorded video audition by May 1, 2021, which should be uploaded and emailed to mightysound@memphis.edu. It is preferred that students play on real drums, but drum pads are also acceptable. All material needed for the audition can be obtained by emailing mightysound@memphis.edu.
  • Students will be accepted to the drumline based on the video. In some cases that acceptance will come with an assignment to a specific drum, and in other cases the specific drum will be finalized once we all get to band camp.


  • Students auditioning for the 2021 colorguard should submit a recorded video audition between April 24, and May 1, 2021, which should be uploaded and emailed to uofmguard@gmail.com. All material needed for the audition can be obtained by emailing uofmguard@gmail.com.
  • In addition to the fall semester, the University of Memphis Colorguard is also active in the spring, as a competitive winter guard. For more information, please email uofmguard@gmail.com.


The University of Memphis Tigerettes are looking for talented twirlers with the ability to entertain large crowds using charisma and personality. In addition to being a vital part of Mighty Sound of the South performances, Tigerettes are considered ambassadors for our university, and our members must embody the pride and tradition of our institution. If you have what it takes to be a Tigerette, please submit a recorded video audition to srhjackson@comcast.net before May 15, 2021.
For the audition, the dance twirl routine should be between two and three minutes in length and include a 2 spin, toss leap, layback, and toss illusion. You must incorporate at least one baton and two batons in your routine. If auditioning for Feature Twirler, you must have a 3 spin, toss cartwheel, toss leap, layback, high toss bow, and toss illusion in your routine. A high toss front walkover and creative toss leaps are strongly encouraged. You must include one baton, two batons, and three batons (at least 3 tricks). A Downfield Strut routine is also required where the athlete must travel from one side of the floor and back. As much as possible, audition routines should reflect the style of the University of Memphis Tigerettes.  This style is a combination of twirling and dancing.  All candidates will be judged on technique, showmanship, skill, endurance, coordination, appearance, creativity, and crowd appeal.  
The University of Memphis offers partial scholarships to the Tigerettes, with the amount to be determined by the Mighty Sound of the South directors.  For more information about auditions, please contact the UofM Band Office at (901) 678-2263 or email the Tigerettes director, Suzanne Jackson, at srhjackson@comcast.net.

4 – Register for the course

All students in the Mighty Sound of the South are required to register for the course, Marching Band – MUAP 2002, which you will be able to do once you have been admitted to the University. Marching Band is a two-credit course, and rehearsals are held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 3:30 - 5:30 PM. Be sure to register as soon as you are able, to help avoid scheduling conflicts.
Dr. Will Plenk
Associate Director of Bands
Director of Athletic Bands

Mighty Sound of the South Interest Form