Tuition, Fees and Financial Aid

The Online MBA Program at the Fogelman College of Business & Economics is exceptionally price competitive. On this page, you will find the following information:


General Information and Resources 

Tuition Rates

The table below provides tuition rates per credit hour. Tuition rates depend on student classification for fee paying purposes.
US$ per credit hour
In-State  $606
Out-of-State  $808
International  $1,009
UM Global
(online courses only)


If you are an out-of-state or international student, enrolling for UM Global will allow you to pay in-state tuition rates. Visit the UM Global website.  



Aside from tuition, all MBA students must pay the fees below for each credit hour of course work.

Type of Fee US$ per
 credit hour 
Business course fee*    $35
Online course fee  $50


*Business Course fees are used to support the program in various ways and apply to all graduate courses taken at the Fogelman College, including online courses.


Estimating Total Tuition and Fees per Course

We provide an estimate of the total cost of taking any MBA course, for In-state and UM Global students. Each MBA course requires 3 credit hours of coursework (see curriculum requirements). 

In-State and UM Global Students

Total Cost
 US$ per course 
Tuition  $1,818  
Business Course Fee    $105  
Online course Fee  $150  
Total cost  $2,073  


Rates may change for students who take more than 10 hours in a given semester. Please visit the University & Students Business Services website for more information.

How much will my MBA cost?

If you are taking online classes only, whether you are an in-state student or a UM Global student, you will end up paying the same amount of money for each MBA course you take.

Since the OMBA program requires taking 12 courses (see curriculum requirements), your total cost will be:

US$ 2,073 per course   x   12 courses    =    US$ 24,876

If you need help, please do not hesitate to email us at online-mba@memphis.edu.


Financial Aid and Scholarships

For information about financial aid, please visit the Student Financial Aid Office websiteFCBE Scholarships are available to on-campus students only.


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