Recipients will be positioned for success upon enrollment at the UofM through scholarship support and a series of targeted initiatives that are proven to be effective retention tools.

Opportunity Scholars receive the following resources to ensure successful degree completion:

Scholarship Support
Each recipient will receive scholarships that are funded 100% through private support. The Scholar and/or their family must contribute $2,000 per semester toward their education.

Enrollment in a specialized learning community
Each cohort of students selected for the Opportunity Scholars Program will form a learning community with selected faculty who work within the cohort to engage Scholars in learning inside and outside the classroom. Smaller class sizes allow for close collaboration between students and their professors, helping to create a comfortable and inclusive environment where active learning can take place.

Each cohort will take at least three classes together the first semester, including ACAD 1100 (intro to college) tailored to meet the specific needs of Opportunity Scholars. Each cohort will be assigned to the same academic counselor, allowing for familiarity, consistency, and access to occur.

Tiger Leadership Institute
Each cohort of students will participate in the Tiger Leadership Institute, a program that reinforces long-term leadership education.

Each student will have two mentors, one who is an established individual in their career path and the other who is a fellow student.