Core Courses (21 credit hours)

Students must complete 21 credit hours of core courses (each course is 3 credits).

  • PADM 7661 Contemporary Perspectives
  • PADM 7663 Issues in Policy and Management
  • PADM 7601 Research Methods
  • PADM 7602 Public Budgeting and Finance
  • PADM 7605 Public Human Resources
  • PADM 7213 Seminar in Policy Analysis or PADM 7612 Program Evaluation
  • PADM 7607 Public Management Leadership (Capstone)

Concentrations (15 credit hours)

Students must complete 15 credit hours of courses in one of two MPA degree concentrations:

  • Nonprofit Administration
  • Public Management and Policy

Internship (3 credit hours)

Each student who does not have public service experience must complete an internship. See the internship handbook  for specific information.

Capstone Experience

All students seeking the Master of Public Administration Degree must produce a satisfactory capstone e-portfolio. The e-portfolio is introduced at the beginning of the program and students add to it throughout their experience. The completion phase of the e-portfolio is incorporated into PADM 7607: Public Management Leadership (Capstone Course). Students must intend to graduate in the calendar year in which they enroll in PADM 7607.