Cayuse/Banner Integration Review

Project Scope:

Analyze and assess the related business processes and policies supporting sponsored research at the university, with a particular focus on the implementation and integration of the two main enterprise software systems (Cayuse and Banner) how are we supporting research. Improve operations by supporting the research mission. 

Team will:
  • Review the processes that support grant development and submission
  • Review the processes that are used during award notification and setup
  • Review the processes that are used to plan and track program expenditures
  • Review the processes that enable accurate reports for researchers, support staff, administration and grant agencies
  • Document and map the current integration
  • Document current data management standards and report writing capabilities
  • Identify current unmet needs

PROPOSED TIMELINE: September 2017 - Spring 2018

  "AS IS" Mapping (Current State)     "TO BE" Mapping (Future State)                

Project Team:

Phone: 901.678.2213  |   E-mail: processimprovement@memphis.edu