Appointment Part-Time Faculty - 2015 Review

Project Scope:
Team will meet to review the project process and progress since implementation. Discuss what has gone well, are improvements needed, and review the eContract for improvements and incorporate Service Begin and End dates. 13, all EPAFs will be created by the Shared Services Center. Review reports, documentation and training materials.

PROPOSED TIMELINE: Updates completed for Fall 2015 appointments

  "AS IS" (Current State)  

Project Outcomes:
  • eContract improvements:
    • Added 'Service Begin' and 'Service End' dates to the eContract
    • Display if instructor is FERPA compliant
    • Add verbiage to contract terms of agreement 'Contracts accepted and approved after the 15th of the month, may be paid the following month'
    • Course Cancellation emails – add all the course information to the message
    • Created automatic email messages to be sent 10th and 15th of month for all pending eContracts
  • EPAF friendly pages updated to add instructor Banner ID, name and Personnel End date (Service End date)
  • EPAF updates:
    • PTFAC and TERMPT added 'Personnel Date' in the 'End of Contract Section'

Project Team:

Phone: 901.678.2213  |   E-mail: processimprovement@memphis.edu