Student Financial Appeals

Project Scope:
Review the current policies, practices and administrative processes relating to Student's financial appeals as they relate to registration fees and determine the lifespan of the current Bursar system.  Include detail process mapping to design and implement an improved electronic process.

Second Phase Second Level Appeals:  Incorporate the Vice-President Finance appeal team to review request and documents using the new online system.  Build workflow for approval or denial using electronic approval process design.

PROPOSED TIMELINE: Updates completed for Fall 2015 appointments

  "AS IS" (Current State) "TO BE" Mapping (Future State)
Project Updates: 
Project Team:
  • Barbara Kyker, Academic Innovation and Support Services
  • Carol Warren, Bursar Office
  • Colette Williams, Process Improvement - Project Manager
  • Deanna McMillian, Enrollment Services
  • Dru Welch, Admissions Office
  • Gerri Taylor, Registrar Office
  • Helen Johnson, Bursar Office
  • Henry Robbins, Bursar Office
  • Karen Smith, Financial Aid
  • Keri Means, Bursar Office 
  • Lorrean Lim, Vice-President Finance Office
  • Patty Murry, Bursar Office
  • Polly Dennison, Registrar Office
  • Revon Thaxter, Bursar Office
  • Sara Hagan, Enterprise Applications Services
  • Veda Taylor, Registrar Office 

901.678.2213  |   E-mail: processimprovement@memphis.edu