Frequently Asked Questions for Employees

What is Tigerbuy?
Tigerbuy is the University's online bidding and e-procurement system.

If I need additional information regarding Tigerbuy, whom do I contact?
Email purchasing@memphis.edu or call 901.678.2265.

What is the bid threshold?

  • $50,000 and above – formal, sealed bid process with a minimum of 15 vendors or the number of vendors on the University vendor list. (or valid TBR or cooperative contract or sole source)
  • $10,000 - $49,999 – informal bid solicited from a minimum of 3 qualified vendors. (or valid TBR or cooperative contract or sole source)
  • $5,000 - $9,999 – one quote solicited from a vendor

For more info see the Purchase Decision Tree.

How do I gain access to Tigerbuy?
Users who do not have Banner Finance access must submit the Request for B&F System Access form with the appropriate signatures. Roles and permissions will be assigned based on Banner security.

To gain access to the Tigerbuy Requestor role to place orders, potential users must attend a training course to learn how to navigate and use the system. Registration for Tigerbuy training is available online at MyMemphis / Learning Curve.

For more information and links see the Tigerbuy and Bids page.

How do I enter the Tigerbuy system?
The Tigerbuy system is accessible through the MyMemphis portal on the Finance tab. 

How do I receipt items?
See the Tigerbuy & Bids page for instructions and videos. 

How do I cancel or make a change to a PO?
You will need to complete a Change Order through the system. See the Tigerbuy & Bids page for instructions and a video.

How can I approve my own requests?
You can’t. We must have a separation of duties to provide controls over the purchasing process.

How do I get a P Card? Who can get a P Card? What can I buy with a P Card?
Please see the Purchasing Card page. Email us at cardsupport@memphis.edu if you need assistance.

Where do I get a travel card? What happened to the travel forms?
You will first complete a Pre-Approval through Chrome River, then a travel card can be issued to you. For more information and links see the Travel page

How do I update a vendor address / bank information / name change, etc.?
The vendor needs to submit an updated W-9 form and/or bank information to our secure upload portal.

How can I add a delivery address to Tigerbuy? I can’t find an address in Tigerbuy?
Please send an email detailing what you need to purchasing@memphis.edu.