Frequently Asked Questions for Vendors

What is Tigerbuy?
Tigerbuy is the University's new on-line bidding and eprocurement system.

I am already a registered vendor; do I have to register in Tigerbuy?
If you registered with the University prior to November 13, 2006, you will need to register through Tigerbuy to receive bid opportunities. Register here.

If I need additional information regarding the Tigerbuy initiative, whom do I contact?
Submit questions/comments to purchasing@memphis.edu or contact a Procurement staff member at 901.678.2265.

What is the bid threshold?
$50,000 and above – sealed bid solicited from a minimum of 15 vendors or the number of vendors on the University vendor list.
$10,000 - $49,999 – informal bid solicited from a minimum of 3 qualified vendors.

Do you make exceptions for late bids?