Welcoming Diversity Colloquium Series

Valerie Purdie-VaughnsThe Welcoming Diversity Colloquium Series features nationally and internationally known psychologists who focus on expanding understanding and application of diversity research to university and applied settings. Each year, a scholar is invited to share research with the University of Memphis community in a university-wide presentation as well as shed light on teaching and graduate preparation through more intimate meetings with Department of Psychology faculty, staff, and students.

This colloquium series was initiated in 2016 with Dr. Valerie Purdie-Vaughns' The Science of Diversity: How Stereotypes Constrain Us to Cause Achievement Gaps and What We Can Do to Thrive


Dr. Rosie Phillips DavisThe Power of Persistence in the Face of Poverty

Dr. Rosie Phillips Davis, University of Memphis




Heidi LevittPolitics and Erotics: The Formation of Gender Identities Across LGBTQ Communities

Dr. Heidi Levitt, University of Massachusetts, Boston