Spring 2023


vol ten


Design & evaluation of a confocal scanning miscroscope using off-of-shelf optical components by means of Zemax OpticStudio optical design software

Ethan Costello

Exploring 3D structured illumination microscopy images using the image J software

David Adaway, Bilha Magu, Brandon Walton, Bereket Kebede 



Judaism forgotten: Steve Stern and the importance of the Jewish to the idea of Memphis
MaKenna Beck
Pietro Cavallini and mosaics in Duecento Rome: Blending the Italo-Byzantine with the classical
Madison McMahon
We are only insisting upon truth and justice for the Southern Confederacy:
The United Daughters of the Confederacy, fabricated memory, and lost cause
Kaitlyn Zarecor

Physical and Applied Sciences

Synthesis of transition metal sulfides via low-pressure chemical vapor deposition

N.K. Lam